July 26 – A Secret Chicken Nesting ground.  Grr.  Lucy, the wee Dutch Bantam, got caught in the tiny coop when the wind blew the door shut.  I went to open it and found her inside.  “And what are you doing in here?” I asked her (yes, I talk to the chickens).  She ignored me and ran out to join the rest of the flock.  My suspicions were aroused and I crawled inside and found this…a good 2 weeks’ worth of her tiny white eggs.  I have no idea how long they’ve been here (through the heatwave we had, no doubt) so to the trash they go.  *sigh  One there is fly-specked, so it’s been awhile.  Now I know to look, though since I discovered her secret she has been laying in the barn, in the new nest boxes.