July 31 – I heard a squeak and a crash and hurried outside to find Hobie hunkered over this wee one.  I say wee one in the sense that this is a fledgling Hairy Woodpecker.  It was a little shocky to begin with, but calmed down rather quickly.  I placed it in a tree, where it remained for awhile.  When I came back to check, it had climbed far into the top of the tree and while I watched it glided across to the next tree, then went THUNK into the trunk.  It had flying down.  Landing, not so much.  I went to pick it up, but it had already climbed up the trunk and played a little hide and go seek with me around the tree.  Then it flew across and thunked into another trunk.  Mystery solved as to how Hobie caught it.  I took him inside to let the woodpecker have some practice time.  I assume it got the hang of landing, as it was gone later.  I was pleased to have had the chance to hold it.  Made me wish I had some bird bands so I could have banded it and later seen if it visited my feeders during the winter.

I have a good collection of woodpeckers here.  Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied, Red-headed and Pileated have all visited at one time or another.  I also have sapsuckers though they leave during the winter.