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August 9 – Skully is starting to show some interesting weathering.  Different colors are appearing on the bone.


August 8 – I finally got to see the male Common Yellowthroat!  This is him.  He and the Mrs. were flitting about across our road when I went to check the mail.  They both had big leggy bugs in their mouths and would prance along the wire fence.  They were making quite a ruckus about it, too.

Here is the Mrs.

I had seen the females before, and I hear them constantly during the summer.  But it took 6 years to finally see the elusive male.

August 6 – The early morning sun was just glowing through the trees, looking almost solid.  The camera caught some of it, but not all of it.  It was pretty amazing.

August 5 – One of the nice things about my morning walks is that they are through our woods and those of our absent neighbor (down-state folks who come up to their vacation home about 4 times a year).  I don’t have to get dressed in “real” clothes, if I don’t want to.  Sometimes I go out to take care of the chickens, then walk from there if the dogs are very excited.  Such was the case this morning, when I am still in my duckie pants and my boots.

August 4 – It’s looking like it is a good year for apples.  All the wild trees (probably from old homesteads or something) are looking quite full.  This tree belongs to our next-door neighbor and I see it on my morning walks.

August 3 – My rainbow Swiss Chard is growing.  I’ve never had it before, so I’m curious.  I’m happy that I’m curious because in my former life, I would’ve just said “ew” and not even tried it.

I chose rainbow because why not have color when plain is the other option.  This is a very pretty plant.

August 2 – This is Romeo, the Silkie rooster.  Recently the neighbor’s son was over after borrowing our big lawnmower, and he was returning it.  We were talking when he noticed Romeo run past.  “That chicken’s wearing pants!” he exclaimed, much to my delight.  He had never seen a feather-legged species, evidently.  I just laughed.  Romeo, when he runs, runs quite upright, rather like he is standing here.  I do love watching chickens run.