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Oct 16 – Woodstove fire season has begun.  Although the days have been warm, the evenings are getting cold.  Once it drops to 60 degrees inside, I want a fire.  And so I have one.


Oct 15 – This little hen is one of Jack’s kids.  Her mom is probably my Gold-laced Wyandotte.  She’s a very quiet and shy little chicken.  She hangs out with the BBS Orpington kids and a couple of her half-brothers in the chicken yard.  I rarely see her this clearly.

Oct 14 – More pretty fall color.  I love what the sunlight was doing here.

Oct 13 – I finally found a blue egg in the little coop!  I have five Ameraucanas so soon there will be more.  The other young hens have been laying for awhile now.

Oct 12 – I had a number of small watermelons that weren’t going to ripen fully.  The turkeys discovered them and this is what they left.

Oct 11 – The turkeys perch.  The last couple nights I found them perching after dark and I had to herd them into the barn.  Evidently the small chicken door is now a little too small for them and they have to crouch to get into the barn.

Oct 10 – Driving north and the color is peaking.  We’re having an unusually warm stretch of Indian Summer.  I’m loving it.

Oct 9 – I was about to peel this potato when I noticed it looked like a manatee.  Manatato!

Oct 8 – These are right outside my front door.  I love the colors of Michigan.

Oct 7 – This is Pepper, one of the new Barred Rocks.  The other is Sault, which if you’re not from around here, you may not know is pronouced “Soo”.  So I have Sault and Pepper (and Veruca, the older Barred Rock).  I can tell them apart because Pepper has this floppy comb.  She’s also the tamest of the chickens and follows me around talking to me.

Today was a pretty day for pictures.  The fall colors are lovely.

Even the sunset was lovely.