I’m not sure exactly where I’ve been in my head of late, but it hasn’t been entirely with my blog.  I take my pictures, but I don’t take the time to put them in the netbook (big computer died) and fix them up and do all the bloggy things that need doing.

Today I’m at the library while Hank gets a new clutch installed.  I rode my bike over from the transmission shop.  First I stopped and had some breakfast at our one coffee shop in town (nice breakfast panini and spiced chai latte) and then I played on the libraries big computers for awhile before moving over to a cubby with my netbook.  So those who are subscribed to my blog, prepare for the inundation of your mailboxes.  I have over three months worth of pictures to add…  EEP!

I apologize in advance for spamming you.  Again, I will endeavor to try harder to keep my blog up-to-date.