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Nov 30 and no snow has stuck as yet.  It feels very strange to experience late fall without snow.  I’m not used to a brown Michigan.  By now there’s always been snow in the last 7 winters I’ve been here.  Yet, it’s rather nice to not be dealing with it just yet…My brother built this little cairn when he was here 4 years ago.  Sometimes the snow knocks the rocks over, but I put them back.  Woodpeckers have been at the stump, but it’s holding up so far.  I can see this from the living room and it reminds me of him.


Nov 29 – I made granola!  It’s the pecan granola recipe in the latest Everyday Foods magazine.  I added dried cherries, golden raisins and pepitas.  I tasted a tiny bit to make sure it was good (it is), and bemoaned the fact (again) that I am allergic to oats.  David will enjoy it, though.


Nov 28 – Hobie paws.  He usually stretches out and tucks his paws under a flap of cloth.

Nov 27 – I found this adorable tapestry purse at the Goodwill.  I had to have it because I love ladybugs.

Nov 26 – Looking outside the living room window will be a lot different now.  That’s the new chicken coop being built.  David thinks the mini barn would be better suited to storage of machines (rototiller, mowers, snowblower, etc) and decided to build a dedicated chicken coop.  I wanted it closer to the house so I could see when they go to roost and don’t have to stand around waiting or chase them in because I don’t want to come back out.  It’s going to be 8 x 12 feet, with full 8 foot ceilings (no more stooping – the chicken room in the barn is only 6 feet tall).  The chicken area will be 8×8 and I’ll have an area to keep my brooder box so chicks can be out here instead of in the garage every spring.  I can’t wait til it’s done!

Nov 25 – My new laptop was a surprise from David.  He knew the netbook wasn’t enough computer, since it could barely deal with Photoshop and I use Photoshop a lot.  The desktop had crashed and burned.  So he stopped on his way home this last trip and bought this for me.  I was closing up the chickens when he got home so he ran inside and set it up on the table, which is the first thing you see when you come in our home.  He missed my gasp of surprise as he was playing with Phoebe outside, letting her do her greeting dance.  He got such a hug!  (the desktop picture is one I took in the Bahamas – the framing makes it perfect for such a purpose (I almost went with porpoise, but didn’t)

Nov 24 – Charlotte, under the bird feeders cleaning up after the chickadees.  Charlotte is my Welsummer hen.  I haven’t seen an egg from her in quite some time, as she recently molted.  She’s quite pretty now and will hopefully get back on the egg program soon.

Nov 23 – My new laptop in its new bag.  The outer fabric is printed canvas, so it’s very sturdy.  I quilted it to add extra protection.  It was much less expensive than buying a laptop bag, and it’s prettier than any I saw.

Nov 22 – Once again, someone thinks he’s helping but really, he’s not.  I’m working on a bag for my new laptop!!!

Nov 21 – In less than ideal light, the camera can’t keep up with the movements of young hens.  These ladies are quite friendly (except for Prissy) and often come over to see what I’m doing.