Oct 25 – A rainy fall day for our last day riding.  We had a trail ride through the woods.  The horses were drenched when we arrived at the barn.  After a good brushing, they were saddled and we headed out.  The trails meander up and down the hills and give views over Center Lake.  The young maple trees all had bright golden leaves right at eye level.  I chose to ride Matilda again, as we seemed to get along.  I almost felt bad about it later, as Matilda has a bad hip and the weather was making my bum knee hurt, so I’m guessing toting me up and down hills didn’t please her much.

Here, we paused to wait while Bucket, the small brown horse in the front, was challenged by a puddle.  Bucket doesn’t like to get his feet wet, so he did everything he could do to avoid stepping in the puddle.  His rider (one of the trailhands) kept challenging him.  At one point he jumped over the puddle.  When he finally gave in, he acted like it was nothing.  Of course, at the next puddle, we went through the same thing.  Bucket *really* doesn’t like getting his feet wet.  Aren’t those leaves pretty?