Nov 14 – The snowy day was a wake up call that I had some 200 daffodil bulbs that needed to get in the ground and a bunch of gladiola bulbs that needed pulling up.  I’m so glad I got this new bulb planter – it’s ergonomic.  My forearm was sore *with* it.   I imagine it would’ve been worse without it.   I wandered around with my wagon and popped some in here and there.

I grew up in central California (hello Modesto!).  In the foothills east of there, there is a place called Daffodil Hill (Angel’s Camp area, I believe) and I was always amazed by it.  I figure if I plant some every fall, eventually I will have an amazing spring show.  This spring was fun because I had forgotten the bulbs I planted last fall!  I’ll probably remember these, as I planted a couple places en masse, but there are some spread around here and there as well.