Dec 1.  First up is Evie, a Golden-Laced Wyandotte.  She is currently in the throes of the worst molt I have witnessed with any of my chickens.  Poor dear is all bald patches, pinfeathers and puff.

Poor poor dear.

Then I present the as-yet-unnamed Blue Orpington pullet.  She is all of four months old and simply stunning.  She’s a big pullet.  I expect she and Jack will make pretty little chicks.  Spring will be fun!

I have been working hard to get these Blues going.  Ordering eggs in the mail, dealing with the resultant less than stellar hatch rates, losing 2/3 of the first hatch to a hawk resulting in just a rooster left, ordering more eggs.  This time I have the blue girl, a splash girl and a splash boy (the one Jack is currently trying to disembowel every morning).  None of these new chicks have names yet.  They just haven’t told me who they are.  I know they will before too long.  I’ll be looking at one and a name will pop into my head.  That’s how I name chickens.