Dec 12. – Our Christmas Tree.  I went out hunting for one the other morning.   It’s only about 2 feet tall, since the space I had a tree in last year is now taken up by a built-in bookshelf and my hammock hook and the only space available in our tiny place is on top of the corner bookshelf, where I had set up my candles.  Lighting the tree serves the same purpose as the candles for now.

I had told David I cut a tree down and he reported a conversation with his brother in which he was expecting to find a square-topped tree – as if I’d cut just the top off a tree?!  It pains me a bit to cut down a tree, but most of the ones I considered were of the scrub type and would eventually have to go anyway.  I have a personal tree lot on the south end of our property where squirrels have planted a lot of little firs.  Another area had Scotch pines, but they bite and I never have liked having a tree that bites.