Dec 15 – Ran up to Traverse to visit with the Art Girlz.  I made them wee gifts of homemade spray inks, as I knew they were all liking and using them.  Spray inks are very cool, but very expensive.  Some searching around told me how easy it was to make my own.  I tried a number of different things – calligraphy ink watered down (looked like watered down ink), kool-aid mixed with water (tended to clog my spray bottle, though the color was good), watered down paint (again, watered down color).  I chose to go with food color mixed with water.  The colors are vivid, you can mix custom colors (which I did, based on what I knew of these ladies) and best of all, it’s cheap!  I bought spray bottles – the kind that mist – at the dollar store.  If you want to try, here’s how:

Homemade spray inks

You’ll need food color (I used both regular and neon – cool colors!), a spray bottle and some water.

For each 2 ounces of water (I measured!), add the number of drops listed on the food color bottle for coloring white cake.  This gives a nice, saturated color.  Shake it up and spritz.  These work great for adding color to backgrounds, stencils and masks, adding a hint of color to plain white whatevers.  The back of the food color box (I used McCormick and a box costs a bit over $3) has “recipes” for a number of colors to start with.  The neon colors, when mixed, aren’t particularly neon, but are very rich and saturated.  The neon teal is brighter than the regular turquoise.