Dec 19 – You may be able to tell from the background that Veruca here is in the house.  She had to have a bath.  When I went out to close up the chickens the other night, she looked wet.  Since there was snow around, I figured she had just gotten out in it.  Next morning, though, she was still wet looking.  I caught her (I’m quite good at catching chickens now) and discovered she was oily.  She had probably gotten up under the dismantled bulldozer during the snow and well, it’s something of a biohazard up under there.  So I toweled her off, but that didn’t really help.  Today I brought her in for a bath.

Fortunately, I had some experience with that for the fair.  She isn’t one of my tamer chickens, but once in the sink and being hosed down with warm water, she was quite docile.  I used Dawn and soaped her up a couple times.  It really is one of the best de-greasers.  After the grease was gone, she got blow-dried, which is when the picture was taken.  Blow drying a chicken is surprisingly relaxing.  She was very calm about it as well.  Sadly, after I finished, my hair dryer suddenly up and died.  I laid it aside to see if Veruca was dry, and as I did, it flashed, started blowing weakly (even though it was turned off) and then nasty electrical smoke began pouring from it.  I quickly unplugged it.  Later, I bought a flashy orange ionic hair dryer, which works much better than my old one did.  Blow drying chickens will go much faster in the future.

Veruca is a Barred Plymouth Rock hen.  I love her orange eyes!