Dec 21 – This is my nest.  I sleep in a hammock on the nights David is gone, as I find it more comfortable by far than our bed.  I discovered hammock sleeping when I visited the Bahamas in 2004.  I gave it up when I moved here, but during the summer there was some problem with my allergies making me a less than wonderful bedmate, and so the hammock was brought out of retirement.  Now I choose it when David’s gone.  The living room is usually heated all day, so it’s warmer in here and I don’t have to pay extra to heat it, as I do the bedroom.  The hammock just fits kitty-corner in our living room, which is only 8 feet wide (I believe).  The TV on the left is nearly flush with the wall, and you can see how far across it goes.  We mounted big eye bolts in the studs, so it is safe and sound.  I enjoy rocking myself to sleep.  Sadie generally sleeps under me for part of the night, so I think she likes it too.

The two TVs are our ridiculously indulgent video game set-up.  We can link our X-Boxes and play the same game together, but on our own screens.  It is amazing amounts of fun.  When we first purchased the set up, I questioned whether it was worth the money, but I have never regretted it once.  It’s been too much fun.