Dec 24 – Hobie is Sew Wild!  This book was on my wishlist and a happy little elf sent it along with the Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook (2000 recipes!!!).  I love the cookbook, but sadly this one has not lived up to the hype.  I had read good things about it, but it doesn’t quite fit my aesthetic.  I’m a messy creative, but this is…too messy?  I don’t know.  It just isn’t working for me, so I’ll be sending it back to Amazon (bless their return policy) and getting something else.  Thank you happy elf Gen.  The cookbook makes me deliriously happy (and I’ve already used it twice).  The new book will also make me happy.

This appears to be the year of Kitchen-Mas.  I have the lovely cookbook.  David got me a 9-cup Cuisinart food processor (my first!), and as soon as it comes off backorder and ships (est. date January 4), I will have a pear-green Kitchen-aid stand mixer.  Color me happy Christmased.