Dec 26 – The picture is from when I was in town.  The lakes are frozen now and fishermen are making their way out there to test the ice.  I was returning library materials and paused on my way out of the parking lot to take this picture.

My egg delivery was a no-go.  I don’t know if we miscommunicated or if she just forgot.  I stopped to get chicken food.  My phone had been forgotten at home, so I wasn’t able to stop and call my mom, as I had planned, so I just headed home, earlier than I expected.

Being a recounting of the Boxing Day Massacre – I’m writing it for myself because folks, I’m heartbroken here and writing helps me process.  If you don’t want to be sad, just pass it on by and enjoy the fishing scene above…It’s password protected so no one is unnecessarily subjected to the sadness.  The password is sad.