Dec 28 – Working on David’s quilt and the wild sewing cat is back again.  I think he wants me to make him something quilted.  He is a cat of discerning tastes – he likes wool and quilts.  Handknits are also good, as long as they’re poofy.

Then I made a phone call about some chickens and spent the rest of the day on a road trip to pick up said chickens.  No pictures yet.  I had a very cool picture of the lady’s Silkie/Orpington cross hens (I am so making some of them!) but somewhere between the computer and the camera, they were lost to the ether.  And I can find mention of them online, but no pictures.  They were big beach ball chickens, like good Orps are, but they had little poofs on top of their heads.  They also had lightly feathered five-toed feet.  I’m thinking Romeo and Jack’s kids are getting put in a pen together later in the spring.