Dec 29 – No pictures yet of the new chickens – the lighting in the barn is horrible.  The chicks, though, are in the house…

I have 7 Buff Brahmas, a dark Brahma, an Australorp, and a mix she called a special Black Star, which is a cross between a Dominique and a Maran, so her eggs will hopefully be darker brown.  She also had some peeps, and I couldn’t resist the little blue chicks she called “Olive Eggers”.  They are a cross between a blue splash Maran and an Ameraucana.  The hope is that their eggs will be olive colored. The picture above is of one of those peeps.

I also took a 2-week old Dominique (a black and white barred breed).  She’s a fierce looking little thing.  On the way home, she sat with her wings covering the peeps (just a couple days old) to keep them warm.   I’m liking her already, and her name is JuJuBee.  I don’t think I’ve ever named such a young chicken.  Personalities usually don’t show up so early to me, but there’s something about her.

Is there any doubt that birds are dinosaurs?   Look at that face!

The barn is set up with two chicken rooms, so now the new chickens (they’re all about 7 weeks old, so a bit away from laying yet, but big enough to be outside) are in one room alone.  I’m not letting them outside today, as it’s quite a bit colder here than it was 2 ½ hours south.  They have settled in and are scratching around and being happy little chickens, though, so I’m pleased.   My heart is a little lighter.