Dec 30 –   I let the new chooklets into the pen.  They have just the small run beside the barn at the moment.  Later, I’ll move the small pen up against the fence so they can have some more room.  The temps today are above freezing, and there’s a bit of snow on the ground.  They found where there was still some grass available and lined up to eat that.

Buff Brahmas above, Dark Brahma below:

Romeo finally left the barn for a bit today.  He’s been very subdued and resting.  He has a bit of a limp, which I hope will pass.  It may be the cause of his subdued nature.  He does seem a bit more himself, so that’s a good thing.

My Blue Orpington pullet is now called Precious, after the main character in The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series (which I so very very much recommend).  I also call her Mma.  The splash boy is Mr. JLB, also from the books.

Both Mr. JLB and Jack lost some tail feathers, as did Precious and Romeo.  The wounded Ranger hen has scabbed over and is healing, as long as the other chickens leave her alone.  I’m beginning to believe that Tater may have been in the barn once before, based on the injuries to Flappy, a Ranger hen who had a rather serious tear in her skin.  It appears from my reading and experience, that dogs tend to bite chickens in the rear.  They don’t, unless they are feral and hungry, appear to eat any of the chickens.  Flappy healed up and has a strange flap of scar, hence her name.

Rooster pictures:  The tail feather loss isn’t as noticeable.

Mr. JLB is turning into quite the handsome young roo.  He may end up with a trip to the fair next summer as well.