January 1 – So for the new year, I was thinking of switching up my format a bit.  Since I have been rather “regularly” posting weekly, I plan to continue the daily pictures but in a weekly post.  Then I have room for other things that may happen.  I have a lot of hopes for the new year.  Mostly it involves finally establishing a schedule to my days and weeks and figuring out how to stay present.  Most of my “problems”, such as they are, are related to a lack of mindfulness.  I let things go and that includes myself.  I’m working to be and stay happy and aware.  When I think about it, I truly am living my own dream life.  Too often, I let that fact slip away from my mind and let the little stuff worry or bother me.

I took the picture above of my little Christmas tree before I took it down.  I had read about bokeh (the lovely blurriness you can get with SLR photography) and how you can actually manipulate it with filters.  So I made a bokeh heart filter and played a little.  I still want to learn the technical aspects of photography a bit more.  I can do amazing things with what I see.  I tend to use my point and shoot because it sees what I do when it comes to light and such.  However, I’d like to be able to do more manipulating it and trying to make a picture instead of capturing what I see all the time.  I have a lovely DSLR – I should be using it for more than macro shots (though those are fun, of course!).

So, weekly photo updates of this year’s Project 366 (leap year!) and other stuff as I see fit.  I want to be blogging more, as it helps with the mindfulness.  Thus we have my goal for the new year.