Jan 15 – Another lazy day.  Took some pictures, enjoyed the light.

Jan 16 – The UPS guy came again.  I love the internet.  I can’t find spinach fettuccine locally.  One of our favorite pasta recipes practically requires it.  Last week I made it and used wheat fettuccine and it was sad pasta.  So Amazon app to the rescue.

Here’s a link to the recipe.  My friend Gen introduced us to this recipe.  I remember the first time I had it because it was pre-veggie Laurie, and I didn’t like it nearly as much as I do now, when bell peppers are one of my favorite things.  I tend to use more jalapenos and garlic and use unsweetened soy milk in place of the  cream.

yummy noodles…

Jan 17 – My big jar of buttons.  I love digging through it to see what I can find.

Playing with light and the Sony with the bokeh filter.  Right now I get a lot of out of focus light with hearts.  Eventually I’ll find the right light and something in the foreground to take a picture of.

Jan 18 – It snowed like crazy all day yesterday.  Today I needed to go to town before there was more snow, but it meant I had to dig out the driveway.  There was just a tiny breeze, but I still ended up covered with snow.  I was rather pleased with myself.

Jan 19 – More snow!  Then some sun, so I was able to play with the light again.  Snow hearts!

Jan 20 – Skully as snow gauge.  We got some considerable snow.  David got to dig out this time.

Jan 21 – David is very pleased with his new mug.  On the other side is a picture of the president’s long form birth certificate.  When I told him this mug existed, he wanted one very badly.  Every day after I ordered it, he would ask “where’s my mug?”  I’m glad it came while he was home.

In the evening, I glanced out and saw the honeyed light and had to go out and take pictures.  This one’s my favorite.