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Feb 5 – Had a rather low-energy time of blahness.  Not sure if I actually came down with something or what, but not much was getting done, let me tell you.  Above is the new knob on the inside of our bedroom door.  Until I bought this, we had no doorknob, and I had to either poke my finger in the hole that’s there for a knob, or I had to bounce the door a bit.  I found this decorative knob (there’s nothing on the other side of the door) and liked it a lot.  David actually had rather rusty screws that matched.

Feb 6 – Going out to feed the chickens and saw the moon rising.  Note the slick ice on the driveway.  Scary stuff, that.

Feb 7 – The little black chick died.  Today they are two weeks old.   I was sitting about 10 feet away when I heard alarm peeps and rushed over.  It was trapped somehow between the water and food dishes.  I reached in, got it unstuck, it leaped forward, fell over and died.  I confess I tried chest compressions, to no avail.  Now I am left with one lonely chick.  I was so happy when two hatched because it meant they would have each other.  Not so now.  I am now mama to a chicken.

Feb 8 – A bit fuzzy, but this is how we sit around right now.  I tried typing when the chick was on me, and it runs over to see what I’m pecking at.  Wherever I point a finger, the chick will run to that point.  It’s kinda fun.  Chick exercise.  It responds when I say “baby chicken.”  If I leave it in the cage, it peeps most piteously and it gets very excited when I go to the cage.  I’m hoping that since it had two weeks of being a chicken with another chicken that it will be able to go out with the other chickens when it’s big enough.  I never could do that with Avery because she didn’t know chickens.

Feb 10 – Chicks like to jump on their mothers’ backs.  My head does in a pinch for this one.  It will also sit between the back of my neck and the chair when I’m watching tv.  Chicks are funny wee things.

Feb 10 – all the big chickens.  Mr. JLB, the splash rooster, can hang around as long as he doesn’t show off too much (or try to jump on a hen, or eat the food that’s too close to Jack).  Jack thought this was too showy and ran him off just after I took this picture.  After learning more about blue chicken genetics recently, I’ve decided that for the first round of chicks, I may breed Mr. JLB to Precious.  Those chicks should be 50% blues and 50% splashes.  Then the splashes would be bred to Jack and I would get 100% blues.  In the meantime, I could hopefully get a couple more blue hens (or splash, or black split to blue) and breed from there.  They’re all very nice looking BBS Orpingtons, so I am hopeful the kids will be as well.


Feb 11 – Phoebe using my hammock and bedding and a bed herself.  Hobie has been seen climbing inside the folded hammock for a nap.  He also loves to play Red Dot o’ Doom on the hammock.  He likes being able to punch into things when he’s chasing the dot.   Phoebe just likes to rest.  Sadie never goes near the unpopulated hammock, but she does love to go under it while I’m sleeping.  Sometimes she rubs her back against the underside while I’m in it, causing me to rock.  I like that.

Feb 12 – Hobie says “s’up?”   (someday that strip of raw concrete will be covered with tile.  Or wood.  I still want to strip the carpet off the living room floor and put down wood.  I hate carpet because of the dogs – do they shed!)

Feb 13 – Bebe Chicken turns out to be not a blue after all.  Instead I have a blue/buff Orpington cross.  I read up on the genetics and nowhere does it say this will happen.  Evidently I should get 50% black (or blue) and 50% buff.  I guess I got all that in one chicken.  I may hatch a couple more of these in the spring.  They’re pretty!

Feb 14 – Happy Valentines to me!  Hobie wanted in the hammock with me and didn’t realize my face was where he was jumping.  Ouch.  Right across the tip of the nose and part of a lip.  Nose tips bleed rather profusely.  Here I am on the way to the YMCA to join up.  I did a Zumba class (one hour long!) and swam for a bit.  The pool was, of course, the huge draw for me.  I have missed being in the water.

Feb 15 – Lying in my hammock, I noticed this water stain and realized it looked very much like a squirrel or chipmunk.  Can you see it?





Here it is, outlined:

I has mad Photoshop skillz.  🙂  Isn’t the knot in the wood as an eye amazing?

Feb 16 – Jack, as a full-grown rooster, is growing some wicked spurs (the big claws on the back of his legs).  Right now, because everyone’s cooped up all day, some of the hens are looking  a little ragged from those spurs.  A couple have small cuts where he’s tread on them in passion and caught them with the spurs.  The spurs will supposedly twist off without hurting him.  I tried and they didn’t move a bit.  I’ll have to try again for the hens’ sake.  Either that or sew up some hen aprons.  He does seem to have favorites.

Feb 17 – Picture of a most miserable dog.  We’re at the vet, getting Phoebe’s annual exam and vaccinations.  She gets quite worked up, panting with her entire tongue hanging out and pacing:

I was sitting between two doors.  She would pace door, window, door; door, window, door.  At one point she even put her forepaws up on the windowsill, hoping for a way out.  While she is examined, she quivers.

Afterwards, we went for a nice walk in a state park, as they have groomed trails.  Sadie was with us to calm Phoebe.  heh.

They did enjoy this walk.  After we got home, both dogs collapsed into naps.

Feb 18 – Turns out my pineapple allergy includes mango.  I did some research and some say that folks with latex allergies (raises hand) are often allergic to pineapple and mangos.  I guess it’s the whole tropical fruit thing.  Fortunately, I am not allergic to bananas.  That would be very sad.  Pineapple is very sad (oh how I miss it!).



January 29 – David has a bulldozer engine torn apart in the garage. I liked the way it looked, so cue the camera!

January 30 – I spent some time in the barn with my big camera and the chickens. This is one of the new Rhode Island Reds. And here is Precious.

She’s such a lovely Orpington, very beachball-like.

January 31 – The wee chicks are growing. They run up to my hand when I put it in the cage.

February 1 – The chicks at one week. They grow so fast.

February 2 – I was working on David’s quilt, sewing down the binding (still working on it). Hobie has long ago declared the quilt his, so he saw it on my lap and jumped up to “help.” I think I’ll have to make a kitty quilt for him.

February 3 – One of my hens is laying speckled eggs, which delights me. I thought when Charlotte was killed, I wouldn’t see any more speckled eggs. This one particularly caught my eye for the tiny heart-shaped speck on it.

February 4 – I was out watching the chickens. A group of Barred Rock ladies gathered and made a nice picture. I love having my camera with me when I watch chickens. Never know what I’ll see.