January 29 – David has a bulldozer engine torn apart in the garage. I liked the way it looked, so cue the camera!

January 30 – I spent some time in the barn with my big camera and the chickens. This is one of the new Rhode Island Reds. And here is Precious.

She’s such a lovely Orpington, very beachball-like.

January 31 – The wee chicks are growing. They run up to my hand when I put it in the cage.

February 1 – The chicks at one week. They grow so fast.

February 2 – I was working on David’s quilt, sewing down the binding (still working on it). Hobie has long ago declared the quilt his, so he saw it on my lap and jumped up to “help.” I think I’ll have to make a kitty quilt for him.

February 3 – One of my hens is laying speckled eggs, which delights me. I thought when Charlotte was killed, I wouldn’t see any more speckled eggs. This one particularly caught my eye for the tiny heart-shaped speck on it.

February 4 – I was out watching the chickens. A group of Barred Rock ladies gathered and made a nice picture. I love having my camera with me when I watch chickens. Never know what I’ll see.