Mar 4 – Snowy, but warmer, so it’s melting from the roof and resulting in icicles.  I had pulled some off the eaves and had them in the snowbank looking like a crystal castle.  David knocked it over, not liking a bunch of pokey bits pointing up where someone (prolly me) could conceivably fall on them.  His remark was “I removed your Fortress of Solitude.”

March 5 – While a bit warmer, it’s still the sticky sort of snow that is out there.  Many trees are still coated with it.  Power is still out further north.

March 6 – Phoebe with one of her sheep toys.  You can tell she’s been in the snow because her ruff is ruffled.  🙂

March 7 – In places where David ran the snowblower, the snow has melted.  So the chickens have some dirt to scratch around in.  This is one of the blue peeps I got on December 28.  I’m pretty sure they’re both male.  I’m going to keep one of them (probably this one) and breed him to my Easter Eggers.  He’s considered an Olive Egger – a Blue Maran rooster (Marans lay dark brown eggs) bred to an Easter Egger hen who laid green eggs.  The hope is that the resulting hens will lay dark green eggs.  Well, both my Olive Eggers are boys, so I shall breed them to the Easter Eggers (another name for Ameraucanas), especially Gracie, who lays green eggs.  I should get a couple pullets out of the hatch, so I can see if I can get Olive Eggers yet.  I have such plans for spring breedings!

March 8 – Three of the Buff Brahmas.  I just liked how they lined up.  Of the six of them, four are male (the two in back here).  And I don’t know if it’s just mine or what, but they are some ornery cockerels!  They are grabby – I will reach for the food bowl to refill it and they grab me.  I’ve had many little pinch bruises on my hands.  I don’t like it.  David says I should just wear gloves in anticipation, but honestly, I don’t usually think that far ahead.  I may have to start, I guess.

March 9 – Jack and Precious, enjoying the sun.  Precious is part of my spring chick planning, but Jack is not.  In order to do my breeding, I will have to lock Jack away for a couple weeks.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to be pretty upset about that.  Precious and Mr. JLB will be together so I will have blue and splash orpington chicks.  If I put Jack and Precious together I will get blues and blacks.  I want the splashes because then I can breed Jack to them and get all blues.  My third breeding will be Romeo, the silkie, with a Buff Orpington and Jack’s kid, who is a Black Orpington/Wyandotte cross.  These chicks should be puffy like Orpingtons but with topknots and fuzzy feet.  My plan is to put them together in their little pens mid-April and collect eggs for a setting day of May 1.

March 10 – I gave Baby Chicken a stick to roost on and it made a lot of difference in her life.  She was fussy every evening and now she just settles in and roosts.  This is a good thing.