Feb 20 – I think I am missing a photo from the 19th.  Here, Hobie is trying to help me spread out the table cloth.  I was not helped.

So, my absence.  No sooner do I recover from my malaise than I am whacked, unexpectedly, by the chemical stick.  I don’t talk about it much any more because it’s not much of an issue (I have coping mechanisms and such), but I am extremely sensitive to chemicals.  The last thing I was expecting when I went grocery shopping was to be unexpectedly poisoned.  I avoid places that are going to make me feel ill, and generally I consider the grocery store safe (except for the soap aisle!)  I went in and was wandering about doing my shopping when I noticed I was beginning to feel a little on the groggy side.  I began noticing a smell as I turned a corner to discover that the store (which has been remodeling for weeks now) had guys in there laying linoleum tiles…with the stinky off-gassing adhesive.  Bleah.  So, that took me out for a week or so.  A week where I am trapped inside my head unable to do much of anything but sit and watch tv or have someone read to me on my iPod.  Not fun.  I did get some pictures, but blogging was just not going to happen.  No sooner do I recover from that (for the most part) then I sprained my ankle most horribly during the aftermath of our biggest snowstorm of the season.  I’m still playing it safe there, wearing a very good brace and taking it easy.  Zumba is being done, but at a lower output level and with no spins or high impact bouncing.   And then there’s the spring fever.  We are in the midst of a most unseasonable spread of weather.  Where we normally have temps in the 40s or so, we’re having a stretch of 80 degree days!  I want to garden So Much.  But I know if I put stuff in the ground now we’ll have another massive snow storm and it will all die.  maybe.  I am starting my seeds and doing planning and clean-up.  We got a wood chipper and I’m laying down wood chips as mulch where I don’t want grass and weeds to grow.  I just put down a big pile and leave it to the chickens to spread about.  They do a very fine job.


Feb 21 – My mom got David this little boat for Christmas and I leave it out where it can be an inspiration.  It actually opens up and has a tiny anchor in it.

Feb 22 – Soulful Phoebe picture.  Sometimes she looks right at me and gives me these amazing pictures.  Other times she avoids looking at the camera or closes her eyes.  I love when I get these shots.

Feb 23 – Baby Chicken, as she is known, is growing.  She likes to sit on me.  She also still likes to jump on my head, though she is getting too big for that.  She is my Calico Orpington.  I may end up calling her Cally.

Feb 24 – In which it remains good to be the cat.  Cashmere pillow and homemade quilt bed.  That’s David’s quilt, still patiently awaiting my finishing touches.  I’m a little frustrated with it not lining up like it should.  I should just sit down and finish it so I can not have that frustration hanging over my head.  I’m almost there.

Feb 25 – Mr. JLB is a handsome fella.  He runs out to greet me in the mornings.  Sometimes he tries to peck my leg, but he never goes into full out attack mode like other roosters have.  He and I get along well enough.  He and Jack, not so much.