Feb 26 – Sadie in the snow.  I like how she buried her feet.  She is actually worse than Phoebe for avoiding eye contact with the camera.

Feb 27 – During my egg delivery run into town, I saw this fellow in the parking lot.  He tucked his paws into his chest to keep them warm.  After posing, he continued across the parking lot, looking for snacks.

Feb 28 – Hobie has discovered that the hammock is a comfy place to be.  He will jump up during the night and sleep on me for quite some time because in the hammock, I don’t move a lot.  I am comfortable and don’t need to.  Hobie appreciates it when it bed doesn’t move.

Feb 29 – Got her to look!  She’s such a pretty dog.

March 1 – This is the feathering of my Dark Brahma.  I’m pretty sure she’s a pullet, though a rather fierce looking one.  I like striped chickens.

March 2 – For my muffin- and bread-making friends, a public service announcement:  Get a bread whisk!  This thing is amazing at mixing bread and muffin doughs.  It’s a heavier wire than the basic whisk so it can get down in the heavy doughs, yet it pulls together muffin batter without over-mixing it.  I saw one in use on a cooking show and put it on my mental list of things to keep an eye out for.  Found a new one at the Goodwill (of course) and love it.  (also, cool towel, eh?)

March 3 – We woke up to this.  Thankfully, we were warned, so I had been to the store.  Also grateful for the fact that Sadie woke up ill Thursday night so we could get her to the vet yesterday (never had a dog with a UTI before).  We got about 20 inches of wet heavy snow.  The power went out at one point.  David got home around 9 p.m. last night, when there was just 3-4 inches of new snow, but it was enough for his truck to get stuck and we were up til midnight getting it out of the road and into the driveway, where it sat.  He went out late afternoon to rescue it with the snowblower.

It was while taking pictures and wandering down the driveway to tell David lunch was ready that I stepped on a slushy bit of wet snow and slid off the edge of a paving stone in our front walkway.  I stood in the snow with my ears ringing from the pain for awhile, but David wasn’t finished and so wasn’t coming up for lunch just yet.  I finally got myself inside and propped my foot up.  David came in not too long after and iced it for me and brought me my lunch.

I had also set up the chickens with extra food and water, just in case I couldn’t get out to the barn – which I couldn’t.  It wasn’t until the next day that it got  the snow cleared from in front.  The chickens, they were not amused.