March 11 – Took the baby chick outside for a bit.  She’s nearly fully feathered and looking like a tiny chicken.  You can just see the retreating snow in the background.  The temps have been WARM – in the 70s and glorious.

March 12 – a rainy day – and chickens in the mist!  The rain makes the snow turn to mist and fog, but even at its worst it’s nothing like central California fog.    And you know that saying about being mad as a wet hen?

She doesn’t look so mad…That’s Buffy.  My original Buffy was killed in the dog attack.  Then I remembered Buffy died a couple times in the series, so I figure I can reuse the name.  This Buffy is quite friendly and talks to me a lot.  I know it’s her by the white on her earlobes.

March 13 – I decided to try my hand at maple sugaring  (note from the future – it didn’t work due to my late start and the unseasonable weather).  However, it was very exciting that the sap ran in my tap as soon as I set it.  Next year I will get out there earlier.  I was counting on the neighbors down the way to show me when it was time, as they had sugared every winter since I got here almost seven years ago.  Not this year, though.  So I missed out on the prime time.

March 14 – The sun was settling into the Magic Hour and Mr. Cardinal appeared and he was just aglow in the light.  He’s been back lately, singing and attacking his reflection in our car mirrors (and leaving little droppings on the sides of our cars).  It’s spring here.

March 15 – I found a new puppet for Phoebe to play with.  Her other one is a raccoon that is in poor shape from 6 years of being tugged at.  She likes the bunny.  She likes any stuffed animals and believes any stuffie brought into the house is by default hers.  If I expect them to be mine, they have to be where Phoebe can’t reach them.

March 16 – My future garden.  I have purchased a number of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.  I have been fighting the urge to begin planting in the glorious weather.  I know anything I do will be killed by the hard frost we are sure to have.  So I am waiting.


March 17 – Yesterday we bought a wood chipper.  We have many trees that shed many sticks and leaves.  We also have a growing garden and need mulch.  So now we shall make our own, as well as bedding for chickens.  The first batch of chips I took out to the garden and dumped where I wanted them.  I left them in a big pile and walked away.  The next time I was outside I checked, and the chickens had been hard at work spreading my wood chips between the raised beds.  Good chickens!