March 25 – I finally have forsythia blooming!  This winter I built a little cage over my tiny plant to protect it from the psycho deer (the deer here eat things that *all* the books tell me deer don’t eat, like the forsythia) and it worked!  I bought this plant a few years ago as a big specimen plant only to find it browsed literally to the ground at the end of that winter.  It’s taken this long just to get this little foot tall shrub going.  It’s a pleasure to look out and see that lovely happy yellow.  I planted the crocus around it to get the nice contrast of yellow/purple.  I love the flowering part of spring.

March 26 – I found these glow-in-the-dark animals at the Goodwill.  I have an affinity for anything glow-in-the-dark.  It stems from my childhood, when my mom put glow star stickers (the waterslide decal kind) on my closet doors.  I love lying in the dark staring at the stars.  Since then I have glow-in-the-dark whenever I can.  (note to self – put some stars in the living room on the ceiling…)  These critters live in the bathroom, which is the darkest room in the house.  They make me smile when I see them.

March 27 – I bought this Radio Flyer wagon at a garage sale last spring during birthday week as a present for myself.  As I was wheeling it away, someone asked if they could buy it.  I am glad I said no.  I have a garden wagon that is supposed to be for adults, I guess.  The handle is far too short and now it mostly sits around filled with something or another.  If I do use it, I have to use an extension on the handle, usually an old dog collar.  The Radio Flyer, supposedly for kids, has a handle that is long enough for my tall self.  I find myself toting things all over the place, from taking the trash out to the road on trash day to toting 100 lbs of chicken food to the barn to save myself a trip from the truck.  A wagon is a very useful thing on a small farm.

March 28 – Hobie jumped into this window, which is not a normal perch for him.  It’s built for sitting cats, as the width of the window sill was extended so cats would be comfy.  However, it’s also the window where the small air conditioner goes during the summer, so cats get out of the habit, I guess.  Anyway, he jumped up and posed like this and I grabbed the camera.  Then he persisted in looking at me, or out the window, rather than this cool side view.  So I tricked him!  I looked over in that direction like something was very very interesting, and he looked too.  And I got the picture.  ha!

March 29 – Very dim picture due to the time of day and me not using a flash (which I tend to not do anyways).  Hobie and his prey, a small mousey thing.  He’s been very active in the hunting department lately.

March 30 -“Look, ma, it’s snowing!” from the happy dog.  My reaction?

Pretty much this.  I had a hair appointment to get to.  I got there before the snow was too horrible.  Then I went to the library to wait out the rest of it.  We got a few inches in a short couple hours, but I was warm and amused.  David had loaded some logs back into Hank’s bed, so I was safe from spinning out on the slushiness.  Nothing can help with the way a snowy road will grab you if you go outside the tire ruts, though.  Fortunately, I only had a couple miles of road like that.  Once I changed counties, our roads were plowed.  (we live about 2 miles from the county line between Wexford and Osceola counties – we’re in Osceola and Cadillac is in Wexford)

March 31 – I finished knitting this awesome hooded cape.  I saw a display knit in a store some five years ago.  I finally got the pattern four years ago.  Found yarn for it three years ago (Chunky Al, it’s called, an alpaca/wool blend and so much less expensive (since it was on clearance at $3.75 a skein) than the Alpaca Grande the pattern called for) in this lovely deep blue.  Started knitting it two years ago and got a few rows of over 300 stitches knitted before moving on to the next shiny thing (I’m such a magpie!).  Decided to sit down with it this year and knitted on it while watching various TV series DVDs – mostly Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones.  Finally finished it and love it.  It’s called a cape but feels like a hooded shawl.  It’s the largest thing I’ve ever knitted and now I now I can someday follow through with a sweater.  I’ll get a better picture of it soon.  It’s great for running out to check on the chickens.