April 1 – Hobie is practicing his hunting skills.  He still can entertain himself for quite some time with this toy.

April 2 – The fencing and gate has been a huge success.  The dogs stay in the yard, even in the face of pedestrians and the school bus.  They barely react.  It’s as though they recognize the boundary of what is theirs to protect and what isn’t.  It removes a lot of anxiety from my life.

April 3 – The chickens sun- and dust-bathing in the garden.  I’m working on fencing plans so I can get them out of the garden so I can start planning my planting.  I can’t plant while they can get in as they will eat my seeds and seedlings.

April 4 – Broody hen.  Rose is taking a quick dust bath before going back to her eggs.  She’s currently sitting on 11 eggs in the barn.

April 5 – I have a grackle visiting my yard.  He’s been calling for a lady friend.  Here’s what he looks like when he does:

He fluffs up and makes this strange hooting whistle sound.

April 6 – The view from the other side of the gate.  I have to chain it when I’m on the other side because Phoebe knows to push through it and escape.  She showed this knowledge when the UPS guy came by this week and scared him.  She looks quite fierce with her fur all on end and rushing out at full speed.

April 7 – The view of our little homestead.  House on the left, behind the privacy fence, then the boat shed, the barn and the little coop.  Currently the little coop is occupied by Mr. JLB and Baby Chicken.  A number of the hens also prefer to lay their eggs in there.