I consider it “Project Horse” because these riding lessons are my first step to finally realizing the dream of having a horse of my own.  Each lesson teaches me a little more about interacting with horses and what to expect from myself when with them.

April 17 – Second riding lesson of this spring series.  Today I rode Charlie.  He’s an older guy, prone to having his own mind, but he and I get along very well.  I feel very comfortable on him, like we fit together.  There was a little problem getting his bridle on, but I got some experienced help and we were soon underway.  Before I went to the barn, I took my SLR to the little booth that overlooks the arena and set it up.  I had my remote with me.

It was a beautiful day out.  We played “Simon Says” and then did some weaving between cones at a trot.  Charlie did what I asked him every time.  I finally got the hang of keeping my heel down – it feels very exaggerated, but is evidently correct.  I also had to mount from the right side again, as my sprained ankle just can’t push me up, yet can hold me in the stirrup.


Vanity pose without my hat.  I was happy to have it out in the sun.  Even with hat and sunscreen, my face is rather pink this morning.