April 15 – Baby Chicken, as she continues to be known.  She will probably always be Baby Chicken now, because she actually comes to that when she’s called.  At least by me.  David tried, and she stayed in the bushes.  I walked out, said “Baby Chicken” and she ran out to see what I was calling her for.  She has moved into the bushes just out the front door.  There’s a pine tree with very low branches that allow her to hide and to perch.  There are juniper bushes to hide under.  I brought her out a feeder and water fount, so she’s pretty well set up.  She moves to the little coop during the night and when I let her out she leaves the chicken yard on her own (she can squeeze through the fence) and goes to her chosen spot.  So far, the only problem is Hobie thinking she’s fair game.  We’re working on that.

April 16 – I gave the chickens a grape tomato from a salad (don’t care for them on salads, especially cold).  It turns into a free-for-all chase and is quite entertaining.  For whatever reason, when a hen picks up something good, she makes a lot of noise about it and draws the attention of the others.  Then they chase her and try to peck it from her beak.  When a rooster finds something good, he announces it to the hens and generally doesn’t expect to eat it anyway.  Here we have Sault trying to take the tomato away from Willow while being followed by a gang o’ hens.

April 17 – It’s a bowl full of shiny inspiration.  Beads were on sale. I could not resist.  Right now I’m really being drawn to lime greens.

April 18 – Last fall I wandered around with a wagon-full of daffodil bulbs.  I forgot where I planted them all, so seeing these pop up on the steps that lead up the hill was a pleasant surprise.  I’ll be doing it again this fall.

April 19 – These poor daffodils have managed to come up in spite of the chickens.  The chickens were scratching at the initial green growth because at the time it was the only green out there.  I planted these in my flower bed inside the garden.  Chickens are not friendly to growing things.  Those are three of the Brahmas – Shirley, Angel and one of the Buster Collective.   The Busters are soon for freezer camp.

April 20 – Hobie can open the door if it’s cracked.  So can the dogs.  Phoebe can open our bedroom door, which doesn’t latch, but Sadie can’t.  Doors and critters are an interesting combination.

April 21 – I probably don’t need the arrow to point it out, but going grocery shopping in a big truck surely is helpful when you come out and look for your vehicle.  It’s very easy to find.  Of course, you are required to park further out but it was a nice day.  David got home last night and had to deliver some boats in Traverse City so I went along.  I like riding along when I can.