April 22 – I have the speckled egg narrowed down to one of two hens.  Esme, the Rhode Island Red and Buffy, the Buff Orpington were the only two hens out in the yard and then two eggs appeared in the newest Secret Chicken Nesting Grounds (which fortunately Belle, newly laying, pointed out with her very loud cackles).  So I know it’s one of them!

April 23 – I learned that sage is a perennial herb, even in Michigan winters!  So I already have fresh sage when I want it.  May need to get some prosciutto and make some Chicken Saltimboca.  yum.

April 24 – This week’s horse was Charm, a Quarterhorse cross.  Possibly with Arabian, based on that pretty head.  Charm was the first horse I ever rode out there, and his trot scared me at first – it’s very…active.  Now I don’t have much trouble with it.  Sue, my instructor, told me she can really see improvement in my riding, which made me very happy to hear.  This week we did obstacle course work, which shows control of both rider and horse.  I love it.  Next week we’ll probably get to canter.  I’m looking forward to that.

Oh, I did go to the doctor about my ankle (54 days later…) and x-rays showed I may have cracked it.  There were a couple bone chips that resolved themselves, and what they thought was an old injury.  Though the last time I sprained my ankle I had an x-ray and it didn’t show anything at that time.  I decided to just stop everything and let it rest, and now (a week later) it is feeling much better.  My active healing was only going so far, and I was still having swelling and pain.  Now that I’m resting it, no swelling, no pain.  So this will continue for another week or two – I’ll stick to swimming and my lessons.

April 25 – Baby Chicken in her hiding spot.  I don’t worry too much, except for Hobie.  His new thing is to wait til dusk, just before she heads to the coop for the night.  He stalks her, pounces, and she flies up at the window where she has seen me.  The dogs and I rush out.  Sadie chases Hobie off, I call Baby Chicken over, pick her up and take her to the coop.  I’ll be glad when she’s a little bigger and Hobie stops thinking he can take her.

April 26 – Shades of pink across from the library.  It’s a nice lakeside park.

April 27 – Baby Chicken lets me stroke under her bill.  Her eyes shut halfway and I think if she could purr, she would.  I like her russet eyebrows.

Even sweet chickens can look fierce!

Baby Chicken will follow me around the yard when I’m outside.  She will also follow the dogs.  The other day she was in the chicken yard and on the compost bin fence.  The dogs went over to see what she was doing and she jumped on Phoebe’s back!  Phoebe whirled around and Baby jumped over to Sadie’s back.  It all took place in about 5 seconds and had me wishing I had my camera up and ready.  The look on Sadie’s face was quite priceless.

April 28 – It was our fifth wedding anniversary so we went to Lakeside Charlies.  The food was good, though I prepare better.  The Lemon Herb Aioli wasn’t very lemony.  We got both the specials and shared, which was a nice way to do it.  New York Strip with 5 Jumbo Shrimp (though sorry, not jumbo…maybe large-ish) for me and Lake Perch with the aforementioned Aioli for him.  Sadly, dessert was Not Good.  We got the Chocolate Decadence cake to share and it was this thick, dense brownie thing that required David and a knife to cut.  The strawberry coulis that was with it made us eat a few more bites, but overall bleah.  We demonstrated to the waitress the denseness (since even between both of us we were not inclined to finish it) and she apologized and said she’d tell them in the kitchen, but that was the extent of it.  It was nice to get out to eat, and not have to cook and clean afterwards, but for the money I’m not impressed.  Mostly because, as David put it “You are one helluva good cook.”   Since developing that skill, I find it hard to spend that much money to go out when I can do so much better.  Part of it, too, is what we refer to as the Midwest Palate.   Most restaurants don’t season much because around here folks don’t seem to like it that way.  I have an extensive spice collection (I should take a picture!) and use it freely.  David is a very willing guinea pig to my excursions.  I think we’re both rather spoiled.