April 29 – I had to add some wire fencing to the gate.  The ladies thought the grass was greener and would walk through the gate, negating its protective qualities against critters that might want to eat chickens.  We love zip ties here.

April 30 – I love the various chicken bottom shapes.  I’m rather fond of rounded chickens, like my Orpingtons, but the occasional pointy one is fun, too.

Chickens have no sense of irony, as this next photo will show.

Of course, the block is used for firewood.  Still…

May 1 – Watching Baby Chicken be alone was making me a little sad.  The feed store had a few 5-week old bantam chicks left, so it was possible to tell pullet from cockerel.  I decided to bring these two home and force a tiny flock upon Baby Chicken.  This little one may be a bantam Welsummer (fingers crossed!!  Tiny terra cotta speckled eggs!) and the other is a little mottled Buff something.

Baby Chicken says “DO NOT WANT!” and was hiding in the nest box, under the nest boxes, where ever she could squeeze herself.  The littles were unconcerned.  They could walk under Baby Chicken without touching her, they are so small.  I had forgotten how tiny bantam chicks can be.  I have them all set up in the little coop with a pen in front so they can go outside if they want and be unmolested by the big chickens.

May 2 – I had truly forgotten I planted daffodils by my big rock.  That slope of the rock is perfect for sitting on, as long as I prop my feet on the stump.  It’s a pleasant place to sit and listen to chickens being contented.

May 3 – What a day of storms it was!  I was awakened at 3 a.m. to thunder and lightning.  Just as I’d finally drift back to sleep, another round would come through.  The weather map for the morning reminded me of an EKG, with blips of red for the big thunder cells.  It turned to rain for awhile, then more big cells came through.  It was Severe Thunderstorm Warning and the weather guy interrupting tv shows every 20 minutes or so to show the latest radar map.  I wanted to be able to show David, who was up in Canada, so I took a picture of the tv and it worked pretty well…

We are just below Cadillac, so you can see what we were in for.  It was quite the day.  We got at least 2 inches of rain.

May 4 – It’s working!  This is what greeted me when I opened the little coop.  Isn’t the size difference funny?   I love tiny chickens!  So happy to have a couple more bantams in my flock.

Also, I love my husband.  He wished me Happy Star Wars day today (for those who don’t know – May the Fourth…).  I think geeks marrying geeks is an important thing.

Hobie, apres walk.  The dogs and I took a nice walk, and Hobie followed along, as he most always does.  This makes him tired and he flops down to rest.

May 5 – I baked my birthday cake today, since tomorrow we’ll be going kayaking and to the movies (Avengers, ho!).  I made the Old-Fashioned Birthday Cake from my Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook, which is one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever had (thanks, Gen!)  The cake is amazingly delicious and has the most incredible texture.  I still need a good frosting recipe since I won’t use the stuff in a tub anymore (trans fats, ho!) but this one tastes good.  I didn’t have cream, so I used whole milk mixed with sour cream.  It’s a bit gooey, but it’s yummy.  It was a toss up between orange cake and white cake with chocolate frosting. Those are my two favorites.  I couldn’t find a recipe I wanted to try for orange, so I went with this.  (Hobie just sniffed.  He doesn’t like cake, but he does love sourdough bread.)  While I have made some cakes from scratch before, I’ve not been truly impressed until this one.

I’m loving David all the more because he just quoted Bill Cosby at me upon seeing the cake on the counter first thing in the morning.  And he’s having cake for breakfast.  So shall I!  Happy Birthday to me!!!