May 6 – My birthday was a nice day.  We went to see The Avengers in 3D (mostly because 2D was sold out repeatedly – I guess 3D isn’t as big a deal in Cadillac).  We both loved it.  Of course, we’re big Joss Whedon fans here.  Big ol’ geeky Joss Whedon fans.  After the movie we went home where I cooked dinner.  Last week’s over-priced, I could’ve done better night out led me to buy my own ingredients.  Surf & Turf with fresh corn on the cob, followed with my lovely cake and Haagen Dazs Strawberry Sorbet.  Total cost was about one quarter of what we spent last week and the flavors were bold and we both got enough garlicky shrimp goodness.  Lesson learned.

Above photo is of the wild violets growing along our front walk.  I very much would love to make violet jelly because it looks so pretty, but that would mean picking ALL the violets.  I’m not willing to give up the violets.  They make me smile every time I walk outside.  We get more each year, so hopefully someday I will have enough so that I’m willing to pick some.

May 7 – We are having a bumper dandelion year.  This is my small farm.

May 8 – My last blooming daffodils.  I planted these last fall.  They get less sun here, so they bloom later.  I’m pleased by that.  I like the mixed bunch of bulbs.  There are standard daffs, ones with extra petals and ruffles, white with orange and white with yellow.  The white/orange ones remind me of the eggs my hens lay.

I didn’t take a horse picture today, though there is some video.  This little squirrel (13-striped Ground Squirrel) was where I park at the barn.  He kept his head up long enough for a picture.

May 9 – My birthday present arrived.  I put it together.  I love things that need putting together.  I’d have been a great Santa for kids.  Anyways, this is the Garden Tractor Scoot from  It was going to be my gift any way, but then they had it on sale with free shipping!  That made it feel more like a gift.  I’ve wanted something like this for a long time.  It’s very sturdy.  The handle is long enough!  Plus, it locks into position so I can use it to help me up when my knees are bothering me.  I have a bucket in the back now (said bucket flew out of a truck and I ran over it and it got stuck under my truck and dragged a bit – thankfully it did not harm my truck – and was none the worse for the experience.  It fits in that little basket in the back just right).  Let the garden rumpus start!

May 10 – Rooster concentration camp.  These young boys have become most unruly.  They chase the hens, they fight, they peck me!  So I get them locked in the garden together to give everyone else some peace.  Soon it will be freezer camp for them!

One of the frilly daffodils.  I didn’t notice the white points until I was looking at the pictures.

May 11 – Hobie out back on our small pond.  David calls it Lion Country.  Right now the pond is breeding mosquitoes.  I’ve been scooping them out and watering my plants with them.  The larvae die quickly once the water is gone.  I want to keep the water out there because all the critters drink from it and later frogs move in.  I like having my own frog pond.  I’m hoping to find something that won’t harm any drinkers or frogs but will keep mosquitoes from it until the frogs come.  Seems like once the frogs move in, there isn’t such a problem.

I cut up my seed potatoes to plant tomorrow.  I didn’t want any chickens tasting them, so I put a cage over the top.

May 12 – My potato farm.  I’m going to try raising them in feed sacks.  I have 18 sacks with 2 potatoes per sack.  I finally found something that told me I could expect 3-5 lbs per potato plant.  Generally I buy 100 lbs of potatoes (Yukon Golds) at the Farmers Market in October.  That will last us all winter.  If I get a low yield, I should still hopefully get enough potatoes.  I was able to put them up on a sunny hill that is mostly sandy soil, using space that normally won’t grow anything and I didn’t have to use garden space.

While I was planting, David was removing the rooster menace.  The six rowdy roosters are now in the freezer.  Jake here is the only one left.  I kept him because of his breeding – Ameraucana x Blue Maran.  If things go right with him and my Easter Eggers will let him mate, his female chicks *should* lay olive-colored eggs.  Of the two Blues Brothers, he was the prettiest and the least annoying.  I believe he was at the bottom rung of the rooster pecking order.