Yesterday was chick day.  I didn’t think anything could be cuter than a box of fuzzy yellow chicks (or red ones or black ones or whatever colors they come in – those guys up there are Cornish cross boyos).  With my chick order, though, came these guys, and let’s just say I am completely smitten with them.

There are three of these little fuzzbutts – Embden goslings.  From my readings online, I learned that the females are a bit smaller and are typically greyer on their bodies.  One (the guy above) is big and bright, nearly fluorescent yellow.  The other two are smaller and have grey bodies.

You can see the grey here.  I like to think the hatchery did it on purpose, knowing that two females and one male is a better group when there are only three.

I took them out to the yard today so they could have some grass and sunshine.  I am planning to bring them into the house in their own box, as I want them to imprint on me and not the chicks.  The box o’ chicks is in the barn in a brooder box.  I want the goslings closer.  I want to hold them a lot.

The geese are to help with protection.  I figure if we had had geese, we wouldn’t have lost so many chickens when the dog came by.  David was home both times and neither he nor the dogs heard a thing.  Geese would’ve kicked up a fuss, probably attacked the dog, let my dogs and David know something was amiss.  I’m also hoping they will help with weeding in the garden since much of my weed is grass.

They are so very cute!