June 4 – Released Baby Chicken and the tiny ones into the chicken yard.  My intent is to use the mini coop as the goose house.  Here I’ve been looking at doghouse plans, trying to figure out what to do with the geese and I have a perfect goose house in the yard already.  These three still want to sleep in the mini coop – it’s the only home they know.  So far there’s been no problems between the other chickens and these.  Baby Chicken still steps away quickly when other hens come around, but that’s par for the course for someone low on the pecking order.  The tiny ones make me think of fairy chickens.  SO cute!

Here they are next to Lucy, the Dutch Bantam.  They aren’t going to be getting all that much bigger.

June 5 – I took this picture of the Art Chalet so friends could see where it’s situated.  I posted some Instragram pictures (gemmy1) out the back window and they didn’t realize my view would be so green.  It sits right at the edge of the hill – it drops off behind the building into the woods, so I get some awesome tree views.  Everything is very green just now.

Buddha is happy to be surrounded by greenery again.  When I visited Marcy recently, she let me bring home some sedum – she has a whole yard full of it. I just plopped it in the basket and watered it and it seems quite happy.  The succulents I had out there got eaten by my stupid deer, who continue to baffle me by eating things I don’t expect them to.  I am more prepared now!

David mowed our big open field – isn’t it pretty?  I think this will eventually become horse and goat pasture.  Right now it’s like a park.  This is the area behind the barn and garden.

I planted my tipsy pots.  Had to have some marigolds, of course.  They make David happy and they remind him of his mother.  I like honoring his mother because she raised such a wonderful man.  The lobelia is for me – I adore the color.  The second pot from the bottom has some dahlias in it because I love them.  This is right by the front door so it greets us with some bright color when we come home.

June 6 – Nosy Phoebe.  🙂  Well, I made it two days without goose pictures. . .  prepare yourself!

I took them outside for awhile.  They spent some time in the mini coop, but overall didn’t like being away from me yet.  Here they are curled up at my feet – so fluffy looking.

Gosling says “‘S up?”

This picture came out of the camera all bright and pretty like this.  All the color just makes me happy.

Henry, at 2 1/2 weeks old, is beginning to assert himself.  Here he is standing off one of the hens.  She wasn’t pleased, but she did end up backing down.  He has also begun going after the dogs.  This could cause some troubles.

When I try to leave them, they run to follow.

June 7 – the very next day it’s a much calmer procession back to the house.  I swear they’ve grown 3 inches since yesterday!

I saw my first Monarch today as well.  There are also Canadian Swallowtails around.

June 8 – The goslings sprawling in the brooder box.  This will be their last day and night in the house.

June 9 – My how they’ve grown!  They are as big as the lighter-bodied hens, so I don’t worry about them being snatched by hawks.  They’re beginning to get some white feathers.  They spent all day out in the chicken yard alone.  Tonight I plan to put them in the mini coop for the night.

Shortly after I took this picture, Henry walked up to Phoebe and pecked at her eye.  She whipped her head around and bowled him over, then got up and slunk away, giving me a look full of reproach.  She was so certain I was going to scold her for knocking the little knucklehead over.  I just called her over and made sure she was okay.  Henry needs to learn the lesson in a non-violent way.  Hopefully this was a start.  The goslings seem so much smarter than chickens.  They seem to remember things from one day to the next, so the hope is that Henry will retain the lesson.

Oh, and Baby Chicken is now my pet again.  Now that she and the tiny ones are out and about, she is less protective of them and is seeking me out when I’m in the yard with the goslings.  She walks right up to be petted and when I pick her up she doesn’t squawk like some of the hens.  The tiny ones stay away – they lost a lot of the socialization they had at the feed store when Baby Chicken became so touchy about them.  They do come close, but don’t let me touch them.