Much of the information is on the scan below – this is my nature journal.  Last night the dogs wanted in the garden very very much, so I let them.  Then I hear squeaking and see very-interested-in-something dogs.  I tell Sadie to “leave it” (the best thing her previous owners taught her, I believe) and went to investigate.  Found teeny tiny baby bunny with its eyes still closed.  I put it back in its nest and went to grab my camera.  First thing my mind goes to in most instances.  Strangely, a friend and I had just been discussing where the bunnies live.  I assumed warrens, based on Watership Down but learned that is only “Old World” rabbits.  My Eastern Cottontails live mostly in the open and dig a hole and scrape for the baby nests.  The nest was lined in grasses and fur.  I moved the fur aside to replace the kit and discovered another in the hole.  Then I lock up the garden, go in the house and grab my book so I can write down what I’m about to learn.  Drawing a picture from my photo makes it easier to know what I’m learning about so when I scan through this book later, I know this page is bunnies.  Most important to me was knowing whether or not the mama bunny would go back.  I was relieved to know she would.  The whole idea of a mama abandoning her babies just because we had touched them didn’t make a lot of sense to me.  So, mama will return, babies will live to terrorize my apple trees.  I forbade David to mow the back part of the garden.  I threatened tears if he did anything to the baby bunnies, even knowing they will later be after my trees.  I figure we’ll work that out when the time comes.  Killing baby ones is not how we figure that out.

Earlier in June, Hobie brought in a baby rabbit that was probably twice this size.  Fortunately for me, he is not a kill first kind of cat.  He was carrying the baby bunny by the scruff of its neck.  I made him drop it and that bunny was gone in a blink.  It was out on its own already.

So, that’s how my mind works when I find wee critters or see something in nature that is different to me.  I want pictures.  I want to learn about them (including their Latin name).  I want to document their existence.  So I do.