July 8 – Found myself driving on a two-track in the north woods.  Ended up discovering my alternator was dead when I stopped at a rest stop on the way home and relaxed for a bit while listening to the radio.  When I went to start my truck, it just went click.  I asked a couple people if they had jumper cables but no one did.  Then I was asked if it was a manual or automatic?  I got excited because it is a manual, and I know how to bump start (as David calls it – we always called it pop starting).   The man who asked had to have been in his 50s, and he got his white-haired father to help!  It didn’t take much of a push, as I was on a slight incline anyway.  I was quickly on my way.  However, I was still an hour and a half from home and my gas gauge was getting lower and lower.  When I reached Cadillac, I knew I had to stop for gas.  Normally I would add some gas while idling, since I was rather worried about turning Hank off.  However, my ignition key is my gas key…and when I went to start I got the same dull click.  I tried to pop start it again, as I had chosen a gas station that has an incline in back of it.  I ended up stuck in the dip at the bottom of the incline.  Called for road service and soon was on my way home.  About five miles from home my poor truck started staggering and my speed kept slowing.  At this point I couldn’t stop because my phone had been dead all afternoon (note to self: charge fully before taking road trips!).  As I pulled into my driveway, Hank said he was done and shut down completely.  There was a nasty electrical smell.  David diagnosed alternator over the phone and had me charge the battery overnight so I could get to work.  That worked well and I was able to use my truck the rest of the week.

July 9 – Happy geese upon their release from the mini coop in the morning.  They do this every morning, with full honking as their voices continue to change.   When they run with their wings up, it makes me happy.

July 10 – My butterfly hatched!  Eclosed is the correct term, I learned.  It’s a male monarch – you can tell by the black spots on the lower wings – females do not have those.  I wasn’t expecting him for a few days yet.  After his release I read some more and discovered 10 days is the norm, not the two weeks I was expecting.


I always wanted a butterfly to land on my finger!  His colors were very vivid and those polka dots made me smile.  Now I’m wondering if I can find another caterpillar!

July 11 – The baby bunny I wrote of earlier this week.  In looking at my other photo (of the nest itself), I realized there were actually at least three kits in the nest.  I tried finding the nest after a rain, but it is very well camouflaged.  Even though it’s in a space about 10 by 10 feet, I was unable to find it.  I was just a little worried because the rain was quite heavy.

July 12 – I am still amazed by how quickly these geese have grown.  They wander all over the yard looking for grasses.

July 13 – I’m collecting rocks.  I want to lay out a labyrinth to walk out by the Art Chalet and I’m thinking to line the paths in rocks.  It’s going to take a lot of rocks…

July 14 – They are just too pretty to not photograph.  It’s hard to tell them apart now, but I believe the one in front is Henry.  He’s the one that comes closest to me, and he looks stockier and masculine compared to the others.  His neck is a little shorter.  I probably should have banded them when I knew who was who, but I wasn’t sure how big they would get.  Since they grew so fast, it is probably best I didn’t band them.

David fixed my alternator first thing this day and my truck is running much better.  It’s so nice to have a handy man.