July 15 – I am growing cabbage in my garden.  There are eight of them and they fill up the end of the raised bed.  So far there isn’t much in the way of heads of cabbage but there are many big lovely leaves.  I love the shadings of green and nearly blue in them.  There will be slaw!

July 16 – Self portrait with geese, to give an even better idea of how large they’ve become.  I just love my silly geese.


July 17 – The geese, as I’ve noted before, love touching things with their bills.  The springy lanyard attached to my kayak (there’s a whistle attached to it for safety reasons) fascinated them and they sat nibbling on it for quite some time.

July 18 – This is how the meaties spend their days – just lounging around in the shade waiting for the next meal.  They do eat bugs and grass during the day, but lately everyone around here has been lounging in the shade or someplace with air conditioning.  It’s been HOT.  I’m just pleased that these chickens act like chickens and seem to enjoy themselves.

If Phoebe and Sadie get separated (in this case it was the length of the garden) and Sadie is slow to respond to my call, Phoebe lowers herself into a herding crouch and waits for her.  This slows Sadie up further as she meanders up to me, looking anywhere but at Phoebe.  If she makes eye contact, Phoebe will spring into action and chase her.  Sadie seems to enjoy this, though lately she has been having some arthritis problems with her front paws in the wrists.  We have her on glucosamine and it seems to have helped, but running hard seems to really aggravate the problem.  And of course any time there’s a creature about, hard running ensues.


July 19 – Today was a big day!  I got my first paycheck (yay!).  Then I drove down to Grand Rapids to pick up my turkey poults.  They’re a week and a half old and they were quite tired after their day of travel.  There are seven of them.  Two Bourbon Reds, two Narragansetts and three Chocolates (the links go to the hatchery pages and show adults of that variety).  I love the color of the Chocolates.  I had ordered four of the reds, but they had hatching issues and I said they could substitute.  I’m hoping I get a male and female of the reds, as I’d like to be able to provide heritage turkey poults to the local 4-H kids.  Heritage turkeys are a little harder to come by – minimum orders are 15 poults at $10 a pop.  I split an order with someone (which is why I drove to Grand Rapids to pick them up).  I guess if I get a mated pair of any of them I’ll be happy.  The plan is to raise my own poults so holiday turkeys get cheaper.  If I had to, I’d mix them up since they’re just for us, but that 4-H plan is in my head.

On my way to Grand Rapids, I dropped David off to pick up our new truck!  Hank now has a friend.


David now has a truck of his own.  It will be the winter truck.  It’s a Ford F350 Super Duty with a crew cab, so there’s someplace to put the dogs.  I have a hard time taking them both in Hank.


July 20 – The poults in the brooder box.  The tall ones are the Narragansetts.  The white-faced ones with brown bodies are chocolates.  The light-colored ones are the reds.  They’re very sweet little birds.  I did some glamour shots!


Bourbon Red.




Chocolate.  Those single full-size wing feathers make me laugh.


July 21 – I was in the garden watering and the geese followed me in.  I turned the hose on them, and they really seemed to like it.  They lift their faces up and bite at the water.


Phoebe smiles.  🙂  She likes lying in the shade of the boat shed, keeping an eye on the road and the chickens.  Oftentimes she will be surrounded by chickens, as they like the shade as well.

I’m a little slow this week as I’m finding even a part-time job takes some getting used to.  I find I’m tired after work.