July 22 – I’ve decided I’m going to write cheerful messages on some of the rocks in the driveway and then put them back where I found them.  So far there’s just this one, but whenever it catches my eye, I do indeed smile.

July 23 – My Australorp hen was broody and I let her sit on some eggs.  One hatched!  I discovered this by noticing that the dogs were far too interested in a chicken and the chicken was fighting back.  When I realized it was Mathilda, I ran over to find her protecting this wee one.  Sadly, he was killed in a stupid barnyard accident yesterday.  His mother was trying to keep some of the meaties away from the food I had tossed to her and she jumped at them.  They jumped backwards into a broom and it fell on the chick.  It would be like a tree falling on us.

There have been other chicken deaths lately.  Rose, JuJuBee and one of the Barred Rocks all went missing.  I found feathers from two of them.  I’ll be glad when we get the rest of the fencing up, although it may have been a hawk.  We also lost Reuben to another silly chicken accident.  It looked like he was being chased and he ran between two saplings and got stuck and died in the struggle to get out.

July 24 – Half the meaties went to freezer camp.  We ended up with an extra – the farmer doing the processing called David and said there was an extra chicken, were we sure we had brought 12?  David didn’t know.  When I picked them up that afternoon, they had given the extra to us.  We just had to pay for the processing.  I pointed out there was an extra and the farmer’s wife gave a big shrug and said “sometimes it happens.”    When I got home, I counted and there were 14 left, so it wasn’t ours.  I’m giving the remaining ones another week to fatten up some more, then they’ll be joining their brothers in the freezer.  I’m keeping two hens (who are lean and active and actually can fly) to be the mothers of the future meaties.  Frances, my one remaining Freedom Ranger will also contribute to the cause.

July 25 – I was on my way home and saw this turtle by the side of a very busy road, trying to get across.  I turned around as soon as I could and went back to move it.  Traffic was solid enough to have kept it from leaving the side of the road (it kept sticking its head out and pulling it back in with every car that zoomed by), but it couldn’t figure out to go back.  So I picked it up (wearing a glove) and moved it about ten feet away from the road, facing into the field.    A Google image search indicates it’s an Eastern Box Turtle.  Now I’m wishing I had brought it home and introduced it to my field.  I think our field would be a good turtle habitat.  Then it would be safe from the road…

July 26 – I have been searching for a fan for awhile now.  Last summer I started having the occasional hot flash and this summer has been worse since the temps have been considerably hotter.  This fan makes me very happy.  It kicks up a good breeze AND it has ducks.    I thought I wanted a folding fan, but they don’t kick up nearly enough air.  I found this at a local vintage shop, The Atomic Closet.

July 27 – I was driving up north to see my friend Marcy and saw this on a side road.  The head is about three feet across.  I couldn’t tell if it was made of fiberglass or steel, but it certainly made me smile.

I was going to pick up this!  Our friend Beverly gave it to me – she was clearing out stuff she wasn’t using and remembered me saying I wanted a serger.  I’m looking forward to giving it a test run.  I wanted a serger so I could make one of these sweater coats (I already have the tutorial!)  I even have an order for one from another friend, once I get the hang of it.

On the way home I saw a rainbow.  At one point I could actually see it touch the ground.  I didn’t go look for the pot of gold because it was in someone’s house.  🙂

July 28 – Even though we’re in a drought situation here, my garden is doing really well.  We had a couple days of rain then warmth and things seemed to go crazy out there.  Still no heads on the cabbage, and I have stupid squash vine borers in my zucchini, but it looks like I will get a lot of tomatoes this year.

Today I harvested three large (though not overly so) zucchini and a couple grape tomatoes.  I’m really looking forward to the black cherry tomatoes.  There are a lot of them on the plant but no color from them yet.  I also have Early Girls, Golden Jubilee (a golden tomato that I thought would be pretty canned) and Romas.  My Swiss Chard is quite harvestable.  There are also some tiny watermelons that have plenty of time to become big melons, so I’m quite happy.


This is an onion that has gone to seed.  Perspective is a funny thing.