This is Tucker.  He’s a 9-week old Heeler/Lab mix.  He’s a very smart, very lively pup.  The girls don’t know what to think.  Initial reactions involved fleeing, growling, barking, hissing (from cat and geese) and general consternation.  Things are mellowing out slowly but surely.  I’m even getting sleep.  The first two nights, not so much.


He’s a climber, this pup.  Right now he’s throwing himself on the hammock and my blankets and tossing a potholder around.  He loves toys of all sorts – balls, ropes, chews, squeaky things, stuffed things and crinkly cat toys seem to really catch his attention.  So far he has shown no real interest in the chickens and geese, though they have certainly noticed him.


Today he had his first outing and charmed everyone he met.  David built a very nice puppy pen in the garage.  Tucker spent one day in it.  The next day he escaped by climbing out and spent the day with the girls in the house.  That time alone seems to have helped them bond a bit with him.  That nice puppy pen is now going to be a turkey pen, and just in time as the poults are about to outgrow the brooder box.  I was happy that there were no messes and nothing destroyed when I got home.  He had carried both my farm boots into the house, though, and it looked as though he was lying on them.  They’re the shoes I wear the most and thus probably smell most like me.  I was so relieved he hadn’t chewed them.  My last puppies were horrible shoe chewers.  Most of my nice shoes have been relocated above ground level, however, just in case.

Bonus video footage! mostly of geese.  Now I understand why some folks say they are afraid of geese.