August 5 – The geese continue to be a joy.  They’re very photogenic.  And very large.  Sometimes when they run like this, they get a little air now and rise about 6 inches off the ground.  They don’t seem interested in flying, just in flapping about.


August 6 – the day Tucker joined us.  As you can tell by my absence, he has impacted our lives.  Mostly in good ways.  He’s really a very good pup.  I am completely smitten.


August 7 – Someone brought this caterpillar into the office just because they knew I would be interested.  I am indeed!  It’s a cecropia moth caterpillar, sometimes called a Robin moth.  Here is a most amazing website showing the life cycle of the moth.  I brought the caterpillar home to see if I can raise it to moth state.  I had never seen such an amazing looking creature in the flesh.


August 8 – Geese in the morning light.  Henry is in the back, then Anne and Katherine.  Henry’s neck is thicker.  Katherine’s is longest and her head is thinner.  She’s also the most opposed to the puppy, hence the open mouth, which is hissing.


August 9 – Tucker went for his first vet visit.  On the way home he climbed up on my shoulder and rode back there, interested in the world around him.  I didn’t know he was yawning when I took the picture.


August 10 – The turkeys are growing!  I didn’t realize quite how much so their heads would touch the top of the pen and the biggest of them were hunched.  Fortunately David built Tucker a very nice pen, which he promptly escaped from.  Since he was home alone with the girls and they didn’t eat him, we decided he could just stay out and the very nice pen would become a turkey pen.


Now they have lots and lots of room.  By the time they outgrow this space, they’ll be big enough to be in the yard.


The new digs even have a little coop area.  I put up a roost and they are some happy turkeys.  That’s one of the Narragansetts.


August 11 – Tucker loves to play with just about anything and, so far, any one.


My furry kids.