August 12 – Tucker lying on his spot.  I made this cat bed (knit and felted) when I first moved to Michigan.  None of the cats use it, so I gave it to Tucker and he can often be found lying on it.

This week is a little puppy heavy.  I know you’ll understand 🙂


I mean, look at that face!  How could I not keep taking pictures of it.  Besides, puppyhood goes by so very quickly and I want to be sure and have a record of it.


August 13 – The extent of my potato harvest in the bags.  It’s between 5 and 10 pounds, not the 100 I was hoping for.  They’re all rather small, but no doubt will be tasty (and I can get more at the Farmers Market).  It’s enough for 2-3 recipes of this.  Gen will be happy that we finally tried these potatoes and LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  David can’t get enough.  We heartily recommend them.  I surprised him one night by saying dinner was going to be zucchini fritters and the potatoes.  He wondered aloud if that was going to be enough.  Afterwards, he agreed it was, and we’ve done it a couple times now.  Kinda cool growing all the food for dinner.


August 14 – I was doing a walkabout the house and discovered a mass of long black feathers.  Fearing the worst, I went to the barn to find poor Jack with his tail pulled out.  He’s fine, if a little raw from having chunks of feathers pulled out.  It appears he fought off the coyote, losing his tail in the process.  All that’s left is those couple feathers.


August 15 – Tucker is tuckered.


August 16 – I got rained on.  I was taking a picture of the way my glasses looked after.  And my hair curling.  I ended up liking the picture quite a bit.


August 17 – Tuckered again.  I took him to the Farmers Market for some socializing.  A young girl of 12 or so (maybe a little older, but maybe not) got down on the ground and wrestled with him, he met some very tiny girls of 2-4 (and he was sooo good) as well as a number of other people.  Puppies draw folks in, that’s for sure.  One of my favorite farmers wanted a picture with him and she even asked if she could buy him, as she wanted a herding type for her sheep.  I declined.  I did buy 5 pounds of ground beef.  Tucker was very tired when it was all done.


August 18 – Super Tucker!  He just poses so well sometimes.