August 18 – And it look s like a bunch of puppy photos again.  🙂  He’s growing so fast!  His ears are starting to stand up a bit.


August 20 – He tends to run between my feet any time something alarms him.  It makes my heart melt.  (orange toe nails!  I’ve been treating myself to a new color every couple weeks.  Next up is green!)


August 21 – Our nutrition instructor at the extension office is working with a group of young adults and teaching them about real food.  This salad was an example of eating lots of good colors and they just looked so nice lined up on the counter.  She said most everyone was willing to give it a try, though a few wondered where the ranch dressing was.


August 22 – I was fascinated with geese feet for some reason.  They were grooming and their feet just looked so graceful as they did.


August 23 – Sometimes he likes to chew on Sadie’s tail.  Sometimes he gets snapped at for doing so.

The last of the meaties were taken in for processing.  I kept a single pullet, hoping she will add her genetics to future meatie types at home.  Then after I got home, the dogs were sitting on the front stoop and I was in the house when I heard a big fuss in the yard.  The dogs ran out but I didn’t see anything.  Later I discovered that Angel, my dark Brahma was missing.   I am hating on the coyote.  The dogs chased it off one day and another day David had a shot at it but was using our new shotgun and wasn’t used to the sights and missed.

August 24 –  So this week I lost another chicken or two.  We’re going to finish fencing around the house in hopes of keeping the coyote away.  Tucker continues to grow cuter.


August 25 – Hot today.  The dogs liked lying in the boat shed while we were putting up fence.  David mowed down brush to make a clear perimeter, and we now have a fence that goes all around the house.  The dogs will now have full-time access to the yard in order to protect the chickens from the coyotes.  Evidently we have at least two – we’ve seen a goldish one and David saw a grey one as well.