August 26 – Drove up to Traverse City today to go sailing.  I also had library materials to return.  The “no puppets” sign made me laugh.


Back in December I had bought specially priced tickets to sail on the Nauti-Cat, a 40-foot catamaran.  We ended up on the Happy Hour cruise along with a couple birthday groups.  We met some interesting people and had some fun conversations.  I discovered I do not like IPA beers (so David got two).  They had a special concoction called “Cat Nip” that glowed a particularly pretty green, but when they poured it David could smell pineapple juice and well, I’m allergic to pineapple.  Alas, had to settle for rum n coke.  I generally pour one finger of rum.  He poured three.  I got a little giggly.


We want to go on this boat next time.  It just looks cool.


August 27 – That dark spot on Sadie’s muzzle is where the coyote bit her last week.  I mentioned that the dogs had chased off the coyote.  I heard chicken consternation and the dogs flipped out.  So I opened the door for them and followed them out to the front yard.  They were running back and forth in front of the fence, barking crazily.  Because the coyote was sitting there taunting them!  It saw me and decided it should scoot and it ambled off in a slow lope.  I opened the gate and said “GO!” to the dogs, figuring they would just chase it off.  I forgot how very fast Sadie can run.  The way we figure it happened is that Sadie caught up and rolled the coyote.  It came up fighting, got a couple bites in (muzzle, eyebrow, paw) then Phoebe caught up so the coyote ran off.  I called them back and they came back.  The coyote came back the next day and the next.  This is why we have fence.   Sadie is up-to-date on her shots, so I’m not too worried.  I won’t be setting them off after any more coyotes, though.

August 28 – My caterpillar spun itself a cocoon!  I will put it in the garage during the winter – these guys take much longer than a Monarch.  Come spring, I will have a lovely moth.


August 29 – I went out at lunch.  My office is just across a parking lot from Lake Cadillac.  There are swings right there, so I had a swing. It was quite relaxing.  I also found a bench and sat down with my sketchbook for awhile.  It was a nice way to spend a lunch hour.


Self-portrait on the railroad tracks.  I like how the wind caught my skirt.

This is my welcoming committee when I get home.



August 30 – A trip to the vet (vaccine boosters) is tiring for the Tucker Dude.  He prefers to sit on my lap, which won’t last much longer as he’ll soon be too big.  But for now I let him because he holds still there.


August 31 – I don’t work Fridays.  I did some harvesting of my garden and also went in to the Farmers Market for some tomatoes and more jalapenos.  I had occasion to taste candied jalapenos and can’t wait to make some of my own.  They’re like pepper jelly in taste, but have an extra kick due to the whole jalapeno slices.


Tucker’s a crazy energy-filled pup sometimes.  He was racing around and had just skidded to a stop when I caught this picture.  Sometimes he races around chasing chickens, which isn’t so good.  While I would like him to herd chickens, he’s chasing with mouth open trying to grab.  Fortunately, I have Sadie.  Sadie believes protecting the chickens is her job so when Tucker goes haring off after them, Sadie chases him down and rolls him over.  He’s beginning to understand he shouldn’t be doing that.  Sometimes he starts, sees Sadie and just drops to the ground.


September 1 – Today I let the turkeys out of their little pen and into the great big world.  They keep together in a little flock.  If one gets separated, I always know because I can hear them calling to each other.


Two of the Chocolate turkeys are male.  Seeing this made me laugh.  He looks like such a perfect little male turkey, only tiny.  The little female seems not impressed in the least.  I believe I have a male and female Narragansett.  The little Chocolate boys were displaying at the Reds, so I’m not certain if I have a male Red or not.


So here’s something you may not have known about me.  I have not, to the best of my memory, ever had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Since I can remember having sugar sandwiches at a very young age, I think I would remember PBJ.  I didn’t like jelly as a kid – too sweet (which, if you knew the size of my sugar jones, you would laugh at).  However, today at the Farmers Market, I saw Concord Grapes.  I was given a sample and discovered that *that* is grape.  I bought a quart and decided to make some jelly.  I used Pomona Pectin, which allowed me to use very little sugar.  Regular pectin needs sugar to set the jelly.  Pomona uses calcium to make it set, and it comes with a packet of calcium from which you make calcium water.  So to my quart of grapes I added approximately 1/4 cup of honey.  The jelly is a little tart, very grapey, naturally grapey sweet.  I decided it was time to have a PBJ.


Fortunately, this is the shirt I was wearing, so the globs of not quite-yet-set jelly that dropped on my blended in.  🙂  I really enjoyed the sandwich and now have something new in my edible repertoire.    I also have 12 delectable ounces of Concord Grape Jelly.  I’m hoping I can get some more grapes, but I’m not sure.