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So, in the spirit of the season, I realized that if I kept putting off updating until I could, in the words of my critic self, “get it right,” I might not update at all…and I didn’t want that.  So rather than trying to catch up, I shall start here, with some of my favorite pictures of late.  School and work combine to eat up my time but I shall have a lighter schedule coming up, so I resolve to keep up here.

So for today, I give you the following:

skully cmas

Skully in his Christmas finery and snow.  We are having a white Christmas here.

turkey morning

Turkey morning.  The turkeys are growing well.  I have the two Narragansetts (Steve and Tabby, named after the two Maine folks I “know”, Stephen King and his wife Tabitha) and Little Red, the Bourbon Red hen.  They like to perch at night.  Lately it hasn’t been on fencing but rather on the bulldozer parked out front.  Come spring that poor thing will need a serious power washing…



Steve in all his glory.  The ladies are behind him.  What I recently learned about turkey males is that the whole tail fan swivels, so he can present it better.  He likes to display at me.  Recently a couple wild turkey boys came to check out the ladies and Steve about had a fit.  There was much gobbling going on.  Another thing I learned is that the gobble has a percussive dimension to it as well.  He gobbles but also has some booming in there.  It’s rather cool to be close up and hear it.



Icicles.  They were three feet long in places.  David was shoveling snow and threw some into the picture for effect.  I liked it.

mitchell sunset


Sunset on Lake Mitchell.  I had been trying to capture the glow on the water as the sun goes down for some time.  This one is just so serene to me.



Mr. Tucker is growing like a weed.  He is now larger than Phoebe in height and weight.  He’s almost as tall as Sadie but not as bulky.  This is his favorite bed – the back of my recliner.  I guess he watched me recline and liked it because he does this himself.  He stand up against the back of the chair and reclines it, then gets comfy.  This morning he’s curled in a ball, but still on the back of the chair.  If he gets too much bigger, he won’t be able to do this any longer, as the chair will fall over.  Sometimes it does when he jumps up, and he steps off and remounts.  He’s a very smart, funny dog.

tucker crouch


His attack/herding position.  He does this when he gets to the house first and the girls are lagging behind.  Phoebe has always done it to Sadie, who will meander up looking everywhere but at her.  Now poor Sadie has to contend with both of the others rushing her.

sadie tucker


They were running too fast for focus, but I still like this picture a lot.  Tucker loves to be chased.  Sadie likes to chase him.  So there is much running around the yard.  Some biting occurs.

leave the kitty


Tucker and Hobie have a love/hate relationship.  Hobie talks a lot of trash and hits Tucker in the head a lot, but he keeps his claws in.  Tucker’s recent reaction to this is to hit back only his paws are much larger.  There’s a lot of “Tucker, leave the kitty!” being said around here.

joyous tucker


And my final, favorite offering for today – the very picture of a joyful dog.  (I was throwing snowballs for him to chase and catch.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with all the things you love.  I have my sweetie home, lots of firewood, a big roast to cook and fancy schmancy cowboots on the way.  I’m a happy girl.