Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m rather done with the Project 365/52 format. Two and a half years wasn’t a bad run. 🙂 I do miss my blog, however, so I believe that I will just post when I have cool pictures. Which happens a lot, so it will be almost like old times.


I got this one just before Christmas. The geese hadn’t yet figured out the barn and its protection. Now when there’s snow (which is *always*) they stay inside. If it warms up to 30 degrees or so they will venture out. Last week, after a nasty cold snap, they emerged looking rather scruffy but a few days of rain cleaned them up. I know they are looking forward to a good bath. Now all they get is a bucket. They require enough water to dunk their heads in so they can clean their nostrils. If it had been a couple days since I brought them a bucket they are very vocal in their displeasure. Since this is my first post from my new phone (Yay WordPress app!) I’ll post it so I can see what the picture looks like. In the preview it looks very small.