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I was just transferring pictures to my laptop (291 since last time I did so) and realized there were some pretty cool pictures there, and I want to share.  So here I am.

lake michigan shoreline

From my adventure Saturday.  My camera will do a panoramic sweep, so I did one to capture the breadth of the shoreline where I was standing.  So much snow still, although Saturday night it began raining and continued through yesterday.  This morning at 9, the temp was 43 degrees. If it continues like this, it won’t matter that I ran out of firewood.  I’ve been quite comfy in the house (although it’s 64 degrees) the past couple days.  And if it does get cold, my dear friend Candy supplied me with a number of phone numbers to get myself a face cord to get me through the last days of winter.  (if the picture is cut off, click on it to get the full effect…it’s quite wide)

hobie ice

This picture made me laugh when I saw it because I remembered how Hobie slipped on the ice when he tried to walk down the windshield.  We had a few days of icy rain this winter.  The driver’s side door on Hank froze shut a couple times.  If I hadn’t been doing yoga, I would not have been able to get in and behind the wheel a couple times there.  Right now at home, the walkway and driveway are pretty much sheet ice.  My Yak Traks are so very welcome then.



We almost lost Jack this winter.  The dogs got bored due to the snow and Phoebe and Tucker ended up in the barn.  Sadly, Baby Chicken was killed in the altercation, and Jack was wounded when he fought them.  He had no outward signs of problems, but for a week he was very weak and I’d say close to death.  I had to feed him egg yolks by syringe, and give him water that way as well.  After a couple days of that, his strength began returning and finally he has recovered.  I was very close to putting him down, but David suggested putting him in a cage in the house and seeing what happened.  I’m so glad he did.  When Jack crows, it sounds like the opening  notes to “Get Smart” except in chicken.


I’ve taken such a picture before, but then the orange snow fence showed up in the background.  Since we removed it and I saw the light hitting the icicles, I grabbed my camera and got out there.

sunrise thru trees


Sunrise through the snowy trees.  I love it when the light looks physical, like something you could reach out and touch or take into your hands.

orange 2


I finished my orange embellished (encrusted, you might say) quilt.  It’s 12 x 12 and fully covered in various orange things.  This picture pleased me because of the accidental rubic.

orange 1


More orange.  I’m framing it in a shadowbox frame that matches the one my mom made for me.  I plan to hang them side by side.  They are quite cheery with all the orange.

bigger orange


A shot with more things in it.  The overall quilt has a pattern within it – there’s a lighter orange spiral circling out from the heart.  I’ll have to see if I can get a picture showing that.


Asnow face

Tucker’s snow face.  He certainly enjoys playing in the snow.  Or he did until he cut his foot.  Now he has to hop about on 3 legs in the snow, because he has an open wound on his foot and the snow crystals seem to hurt him.  Not that this slows him down, mind you.  It is finally healing over and soon he’ll be back to his normal wild self.

floppy tucker


Tucker loves the recliner.  He reclines it on his own – he figured it out when he was smaller and fortunately isn’t so big he’ll break my chair – and lies on the back.   I should say he flops on the back.  Sometimes he does curl up into a little ball on the back, but for the most part, he flops.



Big mouth Tucker jumping and trying to bite my hand.  He’s a silly dog.

tucker sadei


He’s grown to be nearly Sadie-size.  She hates that.  He is an alpha male and she doesn’t want to give up her alpha spot.  But she’s getting older and sometimes she loses.  They tussle a lot in the manner of wolves, but sometimes it escalates.  Fortunately, they both defer to me and will stop.

basket tucker


This weekend he started curling up in the laundry basket.  This was new.



From earlier in the winter. Big snow then sunshine.  Getting all three to look at me, that wasn’t happening.  But I liked this one well enough.


Also from my adventure Saturday.  When I pulled up in the parking lot of Lake Bluff Bird Sanctuary, this cardinal was perched right there on these red branches.  Looks like my camera focused more on the background, but I still like this picture a lot.  I love winter branches.






I’ve not felt like getting out and having an adventure in quite some time.   Yesterday I felt it was time.   Michigan Audubon had notified me of nature walks at local bird sanctuaries and the one closest to me (in Manistee,  an hour west) was supposed to be on the second Saturday of the month.   A good adventure,  I thought.   Well,  when I got there I was alone.   I did get out and hike through the snow to a platform overlooking Lake Michigan.


There’s a lot of snow out there still-6 to 8 inches in many places.   There was just enough wind to kick up some wave action.  It was enough to soothe my recent yearning for the sea.   I still miss the scent of the sea but often the sound is enough.  That and all the negative ions.  


It was too cold to stay long so I ended up in downtown Manistee.   It’s a very old fashioned city – they never got around to destroying their downtown in the guise of progress.


I had lunch at a coffee shop,  wandered through a fabric store and a toy store.   There I found this tape for my collection.   The name made me laugh.


It’s a clear packing tape printed with veterbrae.  I plan to use it to reinforce some book spines :). 

It was a nice day for driving and I listened to a book while I did.   I had just gotten the audio of Dean Koontz’s
From the Corner of His Eye which is a favorite book.  I like experiencing favorite books in audio format as I always get something new from them.  

All in all it was a very fine adventure.


Tucker’s ears are starting to go in different ways.   One is half up and the other is doing a full flop thing.   This is very recent.  It gives him a comical look,  I think.