Hello again, my long-neglected blog.  I have decided I miss the daily photos and stories.  I’m over on Instagram (@gemmy1) but it turns out that the writing is just as important to me.  For some reason, this format works for me to keep track of things.  I thought I was done with it, but it turns out I’m not.  So I’m coming back.

To help me with this, there is a new camera in my life.  A Canon Rebel T3i, purchased for an early Christmas gift on Black Friday from the comfort of my chair on my phone.  🙂  We didn’t leave the house Friday, though we did make a purchase.

Yesterday I wrapped some gifts.  I want to get them out early.  I think I missed Christmas last year for many people, as I was in a pretty low place.  I’m in a much better place now – it’s bright and cheerful and I like it ever so much.  So this year I’m getting an early start and getting things mailed.

dec 1 wrap

I do want to learn the technical aspects of my new DSLR.  So far I like it a lot on auto.  My old DSLR (a very old Sony) and I never quite saw eye-to-eye, but the Canon and I see things just about the same way.  In some ways it’s even better because it pulls in light better than I may see it.  So I foresee a happy future with it.  Ever since this summer’s unfortunate kayak tip where I had both my phone and my camera with me and both got wet, I’ve been pretty camera unhappy.  I replaced my go-to Sony Cybershot with the latest model, only to find something changed with it.  It didn’t see the same way I did, the way the previous models had.  My phone does see the way I do, so it’s what I’ve been going to.

dec 2 hobie 2

Hobie gets shorted a lot in the photo department.  He’s hard to get a good photo of due to his runny eyes (a symptom of the kitty herpes he has).  So I worked with it – him on the table, me sitting in front of him taking pictures – and ended up with a couple I liked.  Above is one – I love his whiskers.  And this is another – he looks like a happy Buddha to me here.

dec 2 hobie

Things that have changed since I was last here:

1.  I’m no longer a secretary/office manager.  I’m now a truck driver.  It feels pretty bad ass.  🙂

2.  Sadie is no longer with us.  I still miss her following me around, keeping an eye on me.  I felt safe with her around.  Tucker and Phoebe are great at notifying us of potential trouble (or imaginary trouble) but Sadie would’ve taken care of any trouble.   We buried her out back by the Art Chalet, in the field where I plan to eventually build a walking labyrinth.  She will be at the heart of it.

3.  In my capacity as truck driver, I’m team driving with David, so I’m no longer alone for weeks at a time.  I think it helps with the being in a good place.  We have an “us” again, and I love it.  Our first trip out felt like a honeymoon.  🙂

4.  The camera situation.

5.  My mental well-being (this being the biggest change, and the best).

So, expect to see me here more regularly.  I’ll be trying for the daily picture/post, but it may take me a little to get in the swing of it.  It’s been awhile.