It is nice.  Oh, so very nice.  74 degrees yesterday.  It is 10-17 at home.  With a foot of snow, at least.

So, one of the nice things about our company is that they put us up in hotels when there’s nothing for us to do.   Yesterday we got David a new laptop so he could play his favorite game (Skyrim) on it.  I use mine for photo editing and surfing, along with blogging.  The game will probably work on my computer as well, but it was time he had his own.  We also got a Chromecast, but aren’t able to use it here as the remote won’t let us change the input on the tv so I haven’t been able to set it up.  I plan on a cheap universal remote to add to my bag, so this won’t happen again.  Most hotels come with flat-screen tvs now, along with free wifi.  So I can set it up so I can watch netflix in our room.  That is the plan.

Last night I went out in search of birds to photograph, as I hadn’t played with my new telephoto lens much, and I had heard hummingbirds.  Hummers in December!  bliss!

First, I had to play tug-o-war with Tucker.  He was bored.  I wanted to try taking a picture of it.  It worked.

tucker tug


Then I went out birding.  It was the lovely golden hour of light, and it was nice to be outside.

I saw this guy first.  I believe it to be a flycatcher of some sort, based on it’s behavior.  Unfortunately, I do not have a bird book with me!  I do have my birding app (iBird) but it has not been helpful at this point.

wee bird


After I’d been waiting a bit, I found my hummingbird!



Flowers in December!  More bliss.  Female hummer, so I’m not sure what exactly she is at this point.  More research to do.  As I’m in Arizona, I can’t just assume it’s one of the three I know.  After checking, I think she may be a Blue-Throated hummer.  I may have to go see if I can find her again and get closer pics.

She perched up high in a tree and let me get rather close.  So I have this pretty shot:



I had to circle around so she wasn’t backlit and I could get the iridescence of her feathers.   Then, because she stayed put and I could see the moon, I framed this:

hummer moon