We’ve left the warm and are delivering a set of mini vans to Baudette, Minnesota for cold-weather testing.  Time to put the long johns back on!

I went out looking for the hummingbird again.  I heard them but did not see them.   I saw other flycatchers and got more pictures.   But I’m posting this from my phone and haven’t gotten the new pics off my camera.


So here’s a gratuitous Tucker pic.  He’s becoming such a good dog,  even if he did eat Phoebe’s dog dish today.

Driving through Oklahoma City was pretty because they had groups of trees fully outlined in colored lights.  Like 12 of them grouped together in all different colors, though each tree was one color.   I didn’t try for a picture because I didn’t have a camera ready.  Plus, Christmas light pictures from a moving truck look like this.

Artful but blurry. 

Time for sleep.   Good night!